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CoughSync 100EU

  • Main Functions

    Works in parallel with ventilators to assist invasively ventilated patients to remove secretions in airways automatically and non-invasively.
    Applicable to patients on invasive ventilation after surgery and anesthesia
    Matched Disposable
    Du100EU single use suction tubing

  • Benefits

    1)Potentially decreases the risk of VAP (Ventilator Associated Pneumonia)

    2)More effective than manual catheter suction
    3)No airway scarring or bleeding
    4)Avoids the hemodynamic disturbances of catheter suction
    5)No patient discomforts
    6)Continuous suction from deep lung and bronchi to avoid the formation of sputum bolt
    7)Automatically sputum suction, saving medical-staff time and decreasing nurse workload
    8)Possibility of more rapid weaning from ventilation

  • Technical Features:

    1)8-inch touch screen with data and waveform display

    2)Ergonomic design with recessed handle
    3)Automatic or manually-initiated operation
    4)Exsufflation flow rate: > 200 L/min
    5)Cough suction pressure: -30 to -90 cm H2O
    6)Frequency of automatic treatments: every 5 to 120 minutes
    7)Coughs per treatment: 1-10
    8)Fully compatible with the following ventilation modalities:
    -Assist Control
    -Volume Control
    -Pressure Control
    -Pressure Support
    9)Flutter function available
    10)Cough Volume Limit function available
    11)Cough Termination Sensitivity function available